FRED™  3.0
FRED™: Framework for Rapid and Easy Development
Directory structure
  • Rsi\*.php: helper classes (mostly static functions).
  • Rsi\Fred.php: Fred main class.
  • Rsi\Fred\*.php: Fred components and some other general purpose classes.
  • Rsi\Fred\Component\*.php: Component helper/sub classes.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\*.php: Controller helper/sub classes.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\Widget.php: Base widget class.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\Widget\*.php: Specific widgets.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\View.php: Base view class.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\View\*.php: Specific views.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\View\Html\Widget.php: Base HTML view widget.
  • Rsi\Fred\Controller\View\Html\Widget\*.php: Specific HTML view widgets.
  • Rsi\Fred\Log.php: Log component.
  • Rsi\Fred\Log\Handler.php: Basic log handler.
  • Rsi\Fred\Log\Handler\*.php: Specific log handlers.

And so on.