FRED™  3.0
FRED™: Framework for Rapid and Easy Development
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CHandlerStream handler
 CWrapperStream wrapper
 CCacheWrapper for the Doctrine cache
 CComponentBasic component class
 CDbDatabase access layer (PDO based)
 CEncryptEncryption (and decryption) component
 CEntityEntity manager component
 CEventEvent handler component
 CFrontFront controller component
 CProxyProxy for files that are outside of the public document root
 CRequestComponent comprising all information regarding an HTTP-request (to transport these along all stepts executed during a request)
 CStatsStatistics component
 CStorageFlexible storage component
 CTokenUnique token generator/validator
 CTransTranslations component
 CVarsVariables component (dynamic configuration)
 CFredFramework for Rapid and Easy Development
 CThingBasic object